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Dominik Rejman Group

Antimicrobial Compounds
Targeted Research Group
CHEM cluster

About our group

The increase in the number of bacterial strains resistant to known antibiotics combined with decrease of new antibiotic introduced to clinic is alarming. Our group is attempting to contribute to solve this serious problem. We are working on three main projects:

Lipophosphonoxins – novel antibacterial compounds acting via disrupting bacterial cell membrane. In this project we design and synthesize new derivatives in order to obtain compounds with good antibacterial and safety properties. We also study interactions of lipophosphonoxins with model membranes at molecular level.

Pyrrolidine inhibitors of hypoxanthine-guanine-xanthine phosphoribosyl transferase as potential antimalarials and/or antituberculotics. In this project we design and synthesize various pyrrolidine phosphonate and bisphosphonate inhibitors as well as their prodrugs.

Study on bacterial stringent response as a potential antibiotic drug target. The idea behind this project is to aim at regulatory pathway instead of metabolic one that is common target for current antibiotics.